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Southend, Halloween 2013: Ghouls invade the World’s Longest Pleasure Pier for the annual White Bus Zombie Walk

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cult night double

Seyton - The Turkish Exorcist + The Devil's Female aka Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil

friday 12th NOVEMBER


Doors open: 6.30pm, first film 7.00pm

Tickets: £5 (No pre-booking) Seating is limited.
Ample parking, DVD/BDs and merchandise on sale, refreshments

The White Bus Cinema, The Old Waterworks, North Road, Southend-on-Sea SS0 7AB

Alone in the Dark: Over 100 years of Stalk and Slash, in association with The White Bus Cinema, presents




SEYTAN- THE TURKISH EXORCIST-Directed by Metin Erksan-1974


"Seytan" is a shameless Turkish remake of William Friedkin's "The Exorcist" that copies it scene after scene. It uses the same exact set-up as "The Exorcist"-a young girl, living with her well-to-do mother, becomes possessed by Satan after tooling around on a Ouija board. Of course there's the head spinning, the mustard spewing ,the message written across her abdomen and even the scene where she comes downstairs to pee herself to the dismay of her mother and her guests. Some of the shots are even exactly the same and the house they use as the setting for most of the film looks pretty much like the one in Friedkin's "The Exorcist". This film is simply hilarious, so grab some beer and give this amusing piece of trash a look.



THE DEVIL’S FEMALE aka Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil- Directed by Walter Boos-1974


On Ash Wednesday old Joseph Winter is found murdered. He has been crucified on his farm gate by unknown killers. As the plot unfolds it becomes apparent that a supernatural force is the cause of it all. A nubile virgin, Magdalena Winter (Dagmar Hedrich) orphaned at a boarding school for girls become violated and possessed by an invisible demon which exits the corpse of a recently deceased Satanist. Possessed by the evil spirit our heroine's shenanigans include foaming at the mouth and doing breakdances, beating the crap out of a lecher who picks her up hitchiking, greeting the parish priest with language we can't duplicate here, and seducing two brothers before setting one against the other with lethal results.